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Jinan winner particle instrument stock Co., Ltd.

Jinan winner particle instrument stock Co., Ltd.

Jinan winner particle instrument stock Co., Ltd.

27.11.2023 09:05

Small desktop spray laser diffraction particle size analyzer for laboratory equipment

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Product description

The Winner 319 is a specially designed and developed benchtop particle size analyzer with a spray laser for droplet size testing. The device utilizes the Fraunhofer diffraction principle and the parallel optical path of the high-power laser, which meets the requirements of droplet testing. The inspection range can be customized according to customer requirements.

Key features

1、Exclusive patented technology
Representative parallel optical inspection technology and spectral amplification technology enable a large range extension in a limited space. Furthermore, multiple additional integrated photodetectors are added, which can effectively collect scattered light from all angles within the inspection area, achieving the accuracy and reliability of inspection over the entire range.

2、Unique airflow protection device
The airflow protection device can effectively protect the lens and avoid the contamination of the lens by liquid droplets during the inspection process.

3、Split structure
The split structure and adjustable test range meet the requirements of spray testing under all conditions, with non-contact measurement, non-interference and other characteristics. 4、Stable automatic optical alignment system, which eliminates the adjustment caused by fogging.

The light path moves, and the light path alignment system can be corrected with one button.

5、Multiple models of size distribution
You can freely select the standard model, RR distribution and lognormal distribution.
Volume distribution and number distribution can be converted freely.


Winner319 can be applied to fire fighting, forest, pesticide spray test, pharmaceutical atomizer droplet test, aircraft engine, spray granulation, nozzle research, any aerosol, etc.

Our goal is to provide super quality and competitive price laser particle size analyzer for customers all over the world!
We have more than 10 first particle size analyzer technology in China!

Quality Assurance1. Strictly according to ISO9001-2000 quality management system.2. Strict control from purchasing materials, process inspection to final particle size distribution test.3qC department to carry out the quality control regulations.
4. Only qualified components are assembled and total laser particle size analyzer must be fully inspected before sale.
5.Laser particle size analyzer will be processed to prevent - shake test before delivery.

After-sale service1.Operation demo video CD will be offered.2. provide free training service.
3. The quality assurance date is 1 year after the completion of payment, technology support will be provided for life. And after that we will collect the cost if provide repair accessories.
4. Maintenance for equipment failure caused by improper handling (corresponding cost will be collected).
5. We provide the components with favorable price and durable maintenance.



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