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Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd

10.01.2024 01:05

Liquid Nitrogen Pressure Dewar Bottle

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This product is mainly used for filling liquid nitrogen bottles of laboratory liquid nitrogen dewars, using a small amount of liquid nitrogen in the container to gasify and pressurize the container to automatically discharge liquid, to achieve the purpose of replenishing liquid nitrogen for other containers. The self-pressurizing series liquid nitrogen tanks are equipped with pressure boosting valve, liquid discharge valve, pressure gauge, safety valve and emptying valve, which have the advantages of easy operation and low evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen in the process of liquid discharge.

Product features:

1. high vacuum adiabatic design, ensuring low evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen for short-term preservation and transportation;

2. high-quality stainless steel manufacturing, corrosion resistance, high strength;

3. five-year vacuum warranty;

4. with protective operating ring;

5. perfect safety structure;

6. easy and reliable valve operation;

7. With universal casters for easy movement.

TianChi KGSQ Dewar bottle focus on Dewar bottle manufacturing for 13 years, with a trustworthy manufacturing process to ensure the use of Dewar bottle worry-free, all products have passed the functional test of the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute. We have passed ISO9001, EU CE quality certification. We are a manufacturer, providing high quality products and perfect after-sales service since the pressurization series of liquid nitrogen tank volume can be selected, with the optional purchase according to the needs, if you have doubts, welcome your inquiries!


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