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Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd

06.03.2024 15:10

Dewar for liquid nitrogen container KGSQ

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Liquid nitrogen Dewar bottles can be used for cryopreservation or transportation of frozen semen, organs, viruses, vaccines, blood samples, etc. By means of liquid nitrogen cold storage, it solves the shortcomings of ordinary cold storage limited by external energy, different models to meet the needs of different kinds of sample storage, preservation of -196 degrees Celsius extremely low temperature liquid nitrogen requires us to carefully choose Dewar bottles, Tianchi Dewar bottles have advanced R & D team and manufacturing Tianchi Dewar bottles have an advanced R&D team and manufacturing capabilities, and are continuously improved according to customer needs.

Product advantages:

1、Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, light product quality;

2、Adopting high vacuum multi-layer adiabatic design;

3、Product conscience warranty, no less than five years of service life;

4, equipped with a protective sleeve, easy to carry the product, but also to prevent the product from bumping and bruising in use;

5, flexible rotation of the carrying handle, easy to carry;

6、Optional locking cap to protect the safety of the samples stored in the container.

TianChi Dewar bottle is a manufacturer that has been engaged in manufacturing Dewar bottles for 13 years, and all products have passed the functional test of the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute. We have passed ISO9001 and CE quality certification, providing high quality products and perfect after-sales service, we put our heart into it, and our customers are at ease, please feel free to contact us at



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